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C166 / ST10 Software and Demos


Size   Date  Description 
Reads166v310.exe 2,780,717 12/15/99 Reads166 v3.1x   IDE with Assembler, C-Compiler, Debugger, and monitor.  3.1 now includes a  new user interface, an improved compiler with long integers and floating point math support, and more example code, also includes MAC instructions for the ST10R272.  



rFLI Utility Software for programming the Internal and External FLASH on the 166/167 Rigel Boards

SetupRfli168.exe 1,376,368 1/15/01 rFLI Utility Software for programming the internal FLASH on the ST10F168 populated on a R-FLIC or R-168JIF. 
Update Files for ST10F168


6/19/01 New Monitor files for READS166 when using R-167JIF or R-FLIC with the ST10F168 IC
Candemos.zip 39,000 5/28/98 16-Bit CAN Demos, Assembly and mixed C / Assembly
Toolkit.zip 38,000 5/28/98 BootStrap Loader Tool Kit
isp97.pdf 57,000 6/8/98 "Bootstrapping the SAB 80C166 or In-System FLASH Programming"  This is an article written by one of our engineers appearing in the Contact Magazine
SetupISP.exe 1,412,00 6/8/98 Source code for above article
State.zip 41,537 10/6/99 Source code for below article
StateMachines.pdf 191,000


Article on how to add your own Code Wizards to the Reads166 version 3.1 software



PAL (GAL) equations for Rigel's C166 family products




DOS based software for burning the External FLASH memory devices on the RMB167-CRI board (you can use the new rFLI Utility for WIN95 / NT rather than this)



7/8/98 Keil's MON166 monitor configuration files for Rigel's boards.



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