rFLASH (Rigelís Fuzzy Logic Applications Software Helper) is a code generator which creates a set of subroutines and tables in the MCS-51 assembly language to implement Fuzzy Logic Control (FLC) applications.  The code generated runs on the 8051 family of microcontrollers.  rFLASH v1.20 is a Windows implementation of the DOS version of Rigel Corporation's FLASH software.  It runs under all Windows operating systems, Win95 or newer.
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Fuzzy Logic Control (FLC) is based on the theory of Fuzzy Sets.  It has become popular with the increasing use of microcontrollers and embedded controllers. FLC can perhaps be best classified as a high-level programming paradigm. It is more suitable for embedded control when digital information processing is used, such as in the case of microcontrollers. A wide range of non-linear control tasks may be implemented with FLC. Since FLC is described by rules written in plain (English) language, no special programming skills are required. This feature makes FLC easy to review and modify. FLC is considered to be a robust methodology since typically the system response does not depend on a single rule or even a single input.

Advantages of FLC
Suitable for microcontroller-based systems.
High level linguistic-variable-based control task description.
Easy to review and modify.
May be used for linear and nonlinear control.
Easy to implement multi-input-multi-output control.
Smooth response.

Disadvantages of FLC
Difficult to program.
Difficult to model and evaluate with analytical methods.

FLC requires some numerical manipulations which are difficult to program separately for each application. Moreover, unlike, say PID (proportional-integral-differential) control, since FLC is not necessarily a single-input-single-output linear control paradigm, analytical methods to evaluate the controller's response and behavior do not exist. rFLASH attempts to address the disadvantages of FLC. As a code generator, rFLASH creates the FLC code directly from a high-level Control Task Description File (CTDF).  rFLASH also has a simulator that will generate the outputs from given inputs on the PC. This simulator may be used to test several inputs and fine-tune the terms or rules accordingly.

rFLASH Software includes  a code generator and simulator.

rFLASH Software
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