Student Grant Program

Over the years we've gotten many requests from students for free or low cost products for their projects.  We generally try to meet most requests and on a yearly basis give away quite a bit of equipment.

We've decided to make this process more formal.  We are asking for written proposals from students who are requesting equipment.

We will keep this process as simple as possible.  We have a form with directions, that you may download, fill out, and email  back to us.  We ask for basic information about who you are, where you go to school, and what you intend to do with the equipment.

The type of proposals we are looking for include:
Those that involve multiple students 
Proposals for Engineering Fair Projects
Proposals for equipment/software for Robotic Competitions
Proposals for equipment/software which will be used for Master's or PhD theses 
Proposals for equipment/software which will be used for Senior Projects

We will acknowledge receipt of your proposal by email.  Funding of your proposal is not guaranteed.  Proposals will be reviewed as they are received and the results of the review will be sent to you by email.  Proposals that are awarded will be made publicly available on the web.  Proposals which are not accepted will be kept confidential and discarded.  We will try to fund as many proposals as possible, please keep your requests reasonable.  If you have any questions about our grant program contact us at

You may download the proposal document and directions as a Word document, a text file, or as a PDF file.  We recommend downloading it as either a Word document or Text file so you may type your information directly on the form.
Proposal.doc  |  Proposal.txt  |  Proposal.pdf 




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