The R-420SP
The R-420SP is a powerful low-cost programmer and chip carrier for the DS89C440/DS89C450 microcontroller in the 44-pin PLCC package.  It contains a clock oscillator, a reset chip, and an RS-232 level converter.  These support chips allow the microcontroller to be programmed on-board and run in the single-chip mode.  That is, the board will run code from internal ROM, using the on-chip RAM.

The R-420SP is a small (1.2" x 2.25") two-layer board designed for embedded applications.  It is low cost and flexible, making it ideal as an embedded controller. The R-420SP has 32 I/O lines and two serial ports.  The processor has 256 bytes of scratch pad memory, 1K SRAM, and 32K/64K Flash memory.  

Our Reads51 software has been completely updated to support this board. 
Reads51, build 448, now supports code generation for the single-chip mode and on-board programming of the DS89C420 using the R-420SP board.

Download User's Manual

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Download Data Sheet on DS89C420


  1-10 11-24
R-420SP   (bare board) $ 5 $ 5
Built and tested boards    
R-420SP   (No chips included) $ 25 $ 23
R-420SP   Completely populated  $ 45 $ 40



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