RA7SJ is a  prototype/development board for the Atmel AT91SAM7S family of processors.  The RA7SJ can be populated with either the AT91SAM7S64, the AT91SAM7S128 or the AT91SAM7S256.

The RA7SJ uses the SAM-BA Boot Assist to download programs through the USB port. The JTAG debug port is also available for downloading and debugging software.  

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  • 64K Bytes High-Speed Program Flash and 16K High-Speed SRAM when populated with SAM7S64.  
     (RA7SJ-128 -- 128K Bytes  Program Flash and 32K SRAM when populated with SAM7S128) 
     (RA7SJ-256 -- 256K Bytes  Program Flash and 64K SRAM when populated with SAM7S256)
  • USB 2.0
  • 32-Bit Real Time Timer (RTT) with Alarm, 
  • 10 bit ADC, 
  • 2 UARTs, 
  • Debug Unit
  • Watch Dog Timer (WDT)


  • Standard JTAG connector with ARM 2x10 pin layout
  • USB connector
  • RESET circuit
  • RESET button
  • Status LED
  • TST jumper, for SAM-BA downloading
  • 3.3V regulator for the processor
  • Power supply: through USB or from terminal block
  • 5V regulator for power supply when used with the terminal block
  • Power supply LED
  • Power supply filtering capacitor
  • 18.432 MHz crystal on socket

There are several free software packages available to use with the RA7SJ boards.  The manufacturer recommends using the
GNU/Eclipse environment, and then downloading programs to the board using the Atmel utility, SAM-BA. We have chosen to use these software packages in our textbook "Programming and Interfacing the ARM 7."  

Download CodeSourcery's GNU toolchain for the ARM. Install the toolchain, locate and read the HTML help files.  Links to the GNU documentation: 
GNU Make

GCC (GNU C Compiler).
LD (GNU linker).

There are other free packages available and the RA7SJ boards will work with all of the software packages available.  (more)

There are also some very good commercial packages available. 
offers the RM RealView Compiler with the ÁVision Integrated Development Environment, providing developers with a feature-rich environment optimized for ARM-powered microcontrollers.
IAR offers the Embedded Workbench which provides a suite of ARM development tools for embedded systems.

R-A7SJ  Boards 1-10 11-24
RA7SJ Bare Boards $ 20 $ 17
RA7SJ  Kits $ 85 $ 75
RA7SJ-64  (built and tested) $ 100 $ 90
RA7SJ-128  (built and tested) $ 110 $ 100
RA7SJ-256  (built and tested) $ 120 $ 110





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