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"The 8051 Cookbook for Assembly and C, with Experiments in Mechatronics and Robotics"
This book was written to as a entry-level textbook and starts with the fundamentals of programming in Assembly and C.  The book then covers a wide range of subjects with example code written in both Assembly and C.  At the end of the book we show you how to use the material covered in the book to build your own robot.  
List Price  $50      Our Price $40

“Internetworking Eight-Bit Microcontrollers Fundamentals and Applications with the 8051"
This textbook is the results of ongoing research and development by Rigel Corporation.  The concepts discussed in the book have been used in the classroom for a graduate course taught at the University of Florida during the past few years. The book develops a breadth-oriented exposure to Internetworking, from circuitry to HTTP. Original discussions on the fundamental concepts of computer networking follow from the authors’ many years of experience in the field both as researchers and as developers of industrial products. The fundamental concepts are reinforced by a series of elaborate experiments. As an alternative to BSD sockets, this book presents a recursive stack-oriented approach to network connectivity. This approach is especially suitable for small microcontrollers where code and data memory are limited. This original approach was developed by the authors in the late 1990s and implemented in Rigel Corporation’s Rita family of industrial controllers, which have since been used in multiple end products.
List Price   $55      Our Price $45

Programming and Interfacing the 8051 Microcontroller in C and Assembly
We have completely rewritten and updated our first 8051 book. This 475+ page textbook now includes expanded chapters, updated assembly code, and examples in C.  This book provides an exposure to the diverse family of the 8051 microcontrollers now manufactured. A comprehensive hands-on approach is taken to present how the microcontrollers are programmed and interfaced to external circuitry to perform useful automation and control functions. Programming nuggets are given for each instruction and each operating mode of the family.
List Price  $60      Our Price $50

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Rigel's ARM Book

"Programming and Interfacing the ARM with GNU and Eclispe"
This book does not pretend to be a replacement for the thousands of pages of documentation. Nor is it a reference book. This book is written to help an engineer step through the complex process of working with the ARM using the GNU and Eclipse tools.
List Price $75,   Rigel's discounted price $60   

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