The RIM is our newest industrial controller released as a COTS Unit.  It's small size and full functionality   make it ideal for applications with limited room.  The RIM unit can be plugged into a standard 40 pin dip socket.   The RIM comes with up to 128K RAM and 128K FLASH ROM.  It has a standard RS-232 serial port and 32 I/O lines.  

The RIM51 is a complete embedded controller in a 40-pin DIP format.
         A High-speed 8052 microcontroller
         Up to 128K of FLASH code memory
         Up to 128K of RAM
         An RS-232 serial port
         Power-on reset circuitry
         12 bits of 8051-type input/output ports
         20 bits of 3.3 Volt bi-directional input/output ports (5-Volt tolerant)

Simplifies Applications, Reduces Cost
The module significantly reduces the applications hardware.  Since all the necessary controller functions are encapsulated in the module, the typical applications hardware consists of a low-cost board with customized sensors and actuators with a 40-pin DIP socket to accommodate the RIM51.

The RIM51 module is programmed through its serial port.  It requires only four lines (+5Volts, Ground, TxD, RxD) to communicate with a PC.  The 8051 code may be developed using Rigelís IDE Reads51, or any other third party compiler/assembler.  The generated HEX code is downloaded to the RIM51 by the standard Reads51 download command.  A separate programming utility is also available for OEM applications.

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Reads51 is an integrated applications software development system, which runs on an IBM PC or compatible host. Reads51 allows writing, compiling, assembling, debugging, downloading, and running applications software in the MCS-51 language. Reads51 contains a C compiler, relative assembler, linker/locator, editor,  chip simulator, assembly language debugger, and host-to-board communications in a user-friendly, menu-driven environment.

April 2002 Rigel introduced its latest Reads51, V4.20.  
Updates include:
        New compiler which generates more streamlined code.
        Ability to customize the settings to support various memory maps. 
        C code may now be run without any external memory to support Rigelís new line of single-chip 8051boards and chip programmers.  

For more information on this new unit contact us at 352-384-3766 or email us.

PRICE 1-10 11-
RIM,   64K RAM, 64K FLASH $ 100 $ 95
RIM,  128K RAM, 128K FLASH $ 130 $ 120





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