The RIO-MP is a general purpose I / O board designed for use with Rigel Corporationsí family of 8 and 16-bit embedded controllers. The development and implementation of application-specific microcontroller based prototype circuits is significantly simplified with the RIO-MP breadboard area, the three terminal strips, and the input / output devices. These provide flexibility for connecting prototyping components to the microcontroller lines, and for developing and debugging user-designed analog and digital application circuits.

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A variety of I / O devices are available on the RIO board including; 8 LEDs, 10 push buttons, 2 seven segment displays, 4 potentiometers, 8 toggle switches, a speaker with amplifier, 2x16 LCD display, 16 button keypad, and 2 stepper motor ICs. There is also an open collector for high current / high voltage inputs and outputs to the board. These components are referred to as the User Input Output Devices (UIOD).

There are 4 IDC headers on the RIO-MP board correspond to the I / O headers found on Rigelís various embedded control boards. The IDC headers are used to connect the controllers to the RIO board. These IDC headers may be used to connect your own board to the RIO-MP. Only one embedded controller should be plugged into the RIO board at a time.

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