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The Rix51 Evaluation board is Intel's' standard evaluation board for the 80C251 processor.  The Rix51 evaluation board was designed for the 8XC51, and 8XC251TB processors, but can accept a variety of MCS 51 based processors from Intel. Any processor used with the board must be fully pin-to-pin compatible with the MCS 51 44 pin PLCC package.

The Rix51 evaluation board contains the following major components:

  • 51FA/251 processor running at 24MHz
  • An on-board switching 5VDC power regulator
  • Three serial ports connected to female DB9s
  • A 1.8432Mhz TTL clock for the external UART
  • A CPLD for address and memory decoding
  • 256K 5 volt FLASH
  • 256K SRAMs
  • 32K EPROM
  • Status, Power, and Page LEDs for immediate visual feedback on the board
  • A Reset switch
  • A 50-pin header carrying all system signals
  • A 46-pin header for connecting to an external I/O board
  • A 42-pin header for connecting to Rigelís RIO-MP or RIO-JR prototyping I/O boards
  • Mounting holes in the corners of the board

Software Overview
The Rix51 evaluation board comes with three types of software. Rigelís Rix51 Utility software, Reads51, compilers/assemblers from third party vendors.

The Rix51 Utility Software
The Rix51 Utility software from Rigel Corporation is a Windows 95/98/NT program. It may be used in an interactive manner to download and run programs, to inspect and modify the configuration bytes. It is also the primary means to manage the on-board FLASH. Please visit our web site for  future updates to this software.

The Reads51 is Rigelís Integrated Development System for the 80C51 microcontroller. Since the 8xC251 microcontroller executes 80C51 code as is, it may be used to develop software for the 8xC251 as well. Reads51 v4.1 contains an absolute assembler, a relative assembler and OMF-51 linker, a library utility, a SmallC-compatible C compiler, and many hardware-oriented demonstration programs. The software is not limited in any way. It is free of charge to customers who purchase an evaluation board. 

Third Party Software
The Rix51 evaluation board package also comes with software by third party vendors. Please refer to the vendors documentation for product overview, and installation instructions. Note that the Rix51 allows you to place software vendorís monitors in FLASH and run these upon reset. We suggest that you visit their web sites to download any new software or updates to existing software. These updates may be downloaded into the Rix51 FLASH using the Utility software to bring your system up to date.

The Rix51 Evaluation Package Standard Package Includes: Rix51 Evaluation Board, Rix51 Userís Manual, Rix51 Utility Software, Reads400 Integrated Development Environment, Hypertext Data Books/Sheets on the 8xC51FA, 8xC251Sx and 8xC251Tx, Data Sheets for IC's used on the board, Adobe Reader 3.0, Application Notes, Third Party Software, Serial Cable

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