R-167JIF LabPac
The 167 LabPac includes the R-167JIF Board, RIO-MP Board, Reads166 software, "Experimenters Guide", userís manuals for the hardware and software, serial cables, and power supply.

The R167-JIF, is an industrial board designed to accept multiple processors in the Infineon and ST Microelectronics 166 family. The board works with the following processors: SABC167CR, SAB C167CR-FM32 / ST10F168 which has both CAN and 256K FLASH capabilities. The board has the CAN physical layer built in and will program the FLASH version of processors. The R167-JIF is designed to run each processor at its fastest speed with no wait states.

The RIO-MP is a general purpose I / O board designed for use with Rigel Corporationsí family of 8 and 16-bit embedded controllers. The development and implementation of application-specific microcontroller based prototype circuits is significantly simplified with the RIO-MP breadboard area, the three terminal strips, and the input / output devices. These provide flexibility for connecting prototyping components to the microcontroller lines, and for developing and debugging user-designed analog and digital application circuits.

Reads166, is Rigel Corporationís Integrated Development Environment for the Infineon /  ST Microelectronics 16-bit processors. Reads166 includes an editor, a host-to-board communications system, an assembler, and a C compiler. Reads166 is completely written in native 32-bit code to run on Windows 95 / 98 / NT. Reads166 includes a sophisticated project management system to simplify code reusability and version control. The C compiler is rewritten to support a full debugger. The debugger allows you to step through your code with breakpoints and variable watches as the compiled code runs on the target board, similar to the operation of an in-circuit emulator.

rFLI Utility 
rFLI Utility Software runs in the Windows 95 / 98 / NT environment. It supports the bootstrap loader feature and downloads a minimal monitor during bootstrapping. rFLI is a utility program to program the internal FLASH memory of the processor and the external FLASH memory chips on the 16x / ST10 boards.

The 167 LabPac  includes the following:
R-167JIF Board,  RIO-MP Board, Serial modem cable, Transformer
RMON166 monitor program with source code, Reads166, CAN Demos, rFLI Utility Software
Demo software from third party tool vendors,

  "Experimentors Guide", Software and Hardware User's Guides with circuit diagrams, Bootstrap Loader source code

 Schools, Students (with valid school ID), and US military personal receive a 10% discount on all products.

167 Starter Kit  1-10 11-
167 LabPac  (167CR) / (ST10F168) $ 575 / $610 $ 525 / $560
R-167JIF  (167CR) / (ST10F168) $167 / $200 $ 160 / $ 190
Reads166  $300  
RIO-MP Board $175  



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