Instructor Grants
We get many requests from instructors for sample books, loaner equipment, and software licenses.  In general we try to meet all of these requests.  This year, we are offering a new grant program for university and colleges that are initiating or reorganizing coursework related to microcontrollers, embedded control, mechatronics, or internet-related distributed control.  So if you'd like to start a new course or upgrade a current course you can fill out the grant request and we'll help you get started.

We will keep this process as simple as possible.  We have a form that you may download, fill out, and email  back to us.  We ask for basic information about who you are, where you teach, and if you are starting a new course or upgrading an older course.

We will acknowledge receipt of your proposal by email.  Proposals will be reviewed as they are received and the results of the review will be sent to you by email.  Proposals that are awarded will be made publicly available on the web.   If you have any questions about our grant program contact us at

You may download the proposal document and directions as a Word document, a text file, or as a PDF file.  We recommend downloading it as either a Word document or Text file so you may type your information directly on the form.
Proposal.doc  |  Proposal.txt  |  Proposal.pdf 




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