Rigel Corporation offers consulting services at various levels, depending on specific customer needs and products. These services range from complete turn-key systems, to hardware / software design, development, and prototyping, to reviewing customer-designed systems for verification and testing. 

Rigel engineers are experienced in embedded control and embedded DSP applications, with particular focus on hardware / software integration. Rigel pursues a modular approach to hardware and software, which facilitates future product extensions. Rigel guarantees complete confidentiality in industrial and government contracts.

Visit science.ksc.nasa.gov/biomed/marsdome for one of Rigelís recent custom projects.

Custom Hardware Design

Over the past 18 years, Rigel has been involved in various custom hardware development projects including embedded control boards, Internet-based automation and control, intelligent I / O boards, CAN repeaters and gateways, DSP processors for audio and video processing, fiber optics, engine control, home automation, security and access control systems.

Custom Software

Complete embedded applications development in C, C++, EC++, and assembly language. Windows programming in C++ and Delphi for data base, client / server applications, and graphical user interfaces.

We have many programs and sub-routines that never make it on the web.  We may have just what you're looking for.

For more information about custom design services please contact our sales office at 352-384-3766 or email us.




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