The RSF is a low-cost fiber optic to RS-232 converter board.  The RSF was designed to be used by schools, hobbyist, and in light industrial applications to facilitate communications over longer distances than possible with RS232.  It uses two low-cost plastic fiber optic cables to convey the RS-232 transmit (TxD) and receive (RxD) signals up to 100 meters (300 feet).  The plastic fiber optic cable may be cut with sharp knife at a 90-degree angle, without the need for special tools.  The RSF uses visible light transmitters to facilitate visual inspection of the signals.  The RSF supports communications from DC up to 1 million bits per second.  The RSF has a standard DB9 RS-232 connector, as well as a three-pin header to connect to the serial port.  The DB9 connector may be directly inserted to the serial port.  If using a serial cable you may need a gender changerThe RSF is jumper configurable to act as a DTE or a DCE.  The RSF requires a well-regulated 5Volt supply.

Power is supplied to the board by way of a two-position terminal block plug.
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  1-10 11-24
RSF   (you need to buy 2)  $ 40 $ 36
Mini Gender Changer $ 3.00 $ 2.50
Fiber Optic Cable,   Part Number  IF-C-E1000
By the Meter $ 3.40 / meter  
10 Meters $ 34  
20 Meters $ 66  
50 Meters $ 160  
100 Meters $ 284  





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