The RMB-166 is an evaluation board for the Infineon 80C166 16-bit high-performance microcontroller in the square plastic quad-flat pack package. The microcontroller is configured to run at 40Mhz with no wait states. A 16-bit non-multiplexed data bus and a 16-bit non-multiplexed address bus are implemented. Several memory options are supported. The default configuration is the 64K RAM and no EPROM mode. In this mode, the monitor program or user program is downloaded to RAM using the 80C166 bootstrap feature. A set of option headers, decoded by GAL devices makes the RMB-166 a flexible hardware platform. All system address, data, and control lines as well as microcontroller ports 2, 3, and 5 are terminated at two 50-post headers. Both 80C166 serial ports are available to the user at RS-232 levels through two DB-9 sockets and a 6-post connector. Serial port 0 is used to communicate to a PC host.

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  • High-performance 16-bit microcontroller in the metric package
    Bootstrap loading feature
    Runs at 40Mhz with zero wait states
    Internal 10-bit analog-to-digital converter
    10 bits of analog or digital inputs (Port 5)
    Two 16-bit general-purpose input / output ports (Port 2 and Port 3)
    Two serial ports
  • Serial ports are driven with a MAX232 and terminate at DB-9s and a 6-post header
  • Accommodates 64K or 256K of SRAM (64K installed)
  • Accommodates 64K of EPROM (not installed)
  • Push buttons for RESET# and NMI# (non-maskable interrupt)
  • GAL decoded memory map for maximum flexibility
  • GALs can be reprogrammed by user or by RIGEL Corporation
  • Microcontroller surface mounted to the board
  • Machine screw sockets under all other
  • Power on LED
  • Flexible and embeddable 4 layer evaluation board
  • Board size 4" x 6"
  • Power consumption is less than 175mA running at 40MHz
  • Mounting holes in corners

Software Overview
Reads166,  version 3.10, is Rigel Corporation’s Integrated Development Environment for the ST Microelectronics 16-bit processors. Reads166 includes an editor, a host-to-board communications system, an assembler, and a C compiler. Reads166 is completely rewritten in native 32-bit code to run on Windows95, 98, 2000 and WindowsNT. Reads166 includes a sophisticated project management system to simplify code reusability and version control. The C compiler is rewritten to support a full debugger. The debugger allows you to step through your code with breakpoints and variable watches as the compiled code runs on the target board, similar to the operation of an in-circuit emulator.

A well-regulated 5-volt (±5% @500mA) power supply is to be provided by the user.

Your RMB-166 package includes the following:

  1. RMB-166 board
  2. Serial modem cable
  3. Evaluation version of Reads166 for Windows 95 / 98 / NT
  4. RMON166 monitor program with source code
  5. Software from third party vendors, Keil, Tasking, pls,
  6. User's Guide with circuit diagrams
  7. Bootstrap file source code
  8. Sample programs
    RMB-166 Options 1-10 11-
    RMB-166 with 64K RAM $ 125 $ 115
    RMB-166 with 256K RAM $ 135 $ 125





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