The RMB-S prototyping board is designed to allow systems engineers to evaluate and rapidly prototype with the 8051 family of microcontrollers. Most of the more popular 8051 microcontrollers are supported with this easy-to-use modular board. The designer changes microcontrollers by plugging in different daughter boards. The RMB-S supports all of the derivatives of the Infineon 8051 microcontroller line: the 80C31 / C32, 80C535 / 515A, 80C537 / 80C517A, and Infineon' new C50x series that run at speeds of up to 40 MHz. The RMB-S also supports other manufacturers 8051 chips, including the 83C51, 87C51, and Intel's 8052AH with Basic.

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The mother board: RMB-S  
(Download User's Manual)
  • 8051 family of microcontrollers running at 12MHz (8031 / 8032 at 11.0592MHz)
  • Designed to work with future 8 bit microcontrollers
  • On board 5 volt power regulator
  • 2 fully duplexed serial ports with a Rs232 driver, serial ports terminate on DB9 connectors
  • 12 to 36 input / output bits
  • 32K EPROM and 32K SRAM, with two sockets for an additional 64K of memory
  • Machine screw sockets under all
  • Power supplied to the board by way of a 2 position terminal block
  • Power on LED
  • Operating temperature 0 to 70C
  • Large solderless breadboard
  • Two solderless terminal strips allow access to all microcontroller ports
  • Prototyping components

The daughter boards:

  • DA40 for the 8051 family in 40-dip format.
  • DA44 for the 8051 family in 44-pin PLCC format.
  • DA68 for the 80515 family in 68-pin PLCC format
  • DA84 for the 80537 family in 84-pin PLCC format

A novel feature of the RMB-S board is the large solderless breadboard and user input / output devices, consisting of push buttons, DIP switches, LEDs, seven-segment displays, a speaker. and potentiometers. Rapid prototyping is achieved by connecting prototyping components to microcontroller ports and control lines on the breadboard. Software can then be written and downloaded to the RMB-S board to test the prototype. The board has ample space for building user-designed analog and digital application circuits to be interfaced with the microcontroller.

Software Overview
Reads51 is an integrated applications software development system, which runs on an IBM PC or compatible host. Reads51 allows writing, compiling, assembling, debugging, downloading, and running applications software in the MCS-51 language. Reads51 contains a C compiler, relative assembler, linker/locator, editor,  chip simulator, assembly language debugger, and host-to-board communications in a user-friendly, menu-driven environment.

Tutorial Source Code is provided to quickly get a new user familiar with our systems. 

Documentation for our products includes a review of the software and hardware, sample programs, a description of the inner workings of the RROS including user-accessible system calls, and a full set of circuit diagrams. Documentation for kits also includes an assembly manual.  All of our documentation is available on the web and the CD ROM shipped with the boards.

Standard Package includes: The RMB-S with all 4 daughter boards and the 80C535 processor, 32K EPROM, 32K RAM, Reads51 software, User's Guide for board and software (download from the web), fuzzy logic software rFLASH,  example programs, and software tutorial. An assembly manual is included with kits and bare boards.

Schools, Students (with valid school ID), and US military personal receive a 10% discount on all products.

RMB-S Kits 1-9 10-24
RMB-S / Reads51 $ 250 $ 275 $ 2500
RMB-S LAB PAC $ 375 $400 $  360



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