RITA (Rigelís Internet Technology Architecture )

RITA is a low cost, flexible, open architecture. It is a complete system with simple embedded controllers, and browsing utilities.  UDP-based communications reduce complexity, overhead, and network traffic, allowing even the smallest 8-bit controllers to be placed directly on the Internet.


RITA in a Nutshell



Place very-low cost controller nodes on the Internet,

or any IP-oriented network such as a company intranet or a personal LAN.



IP-based networking is readily supported by PC operating systems.

Internetworking allows nodes to be placed anywhere in the world.


Key Features

Design philosophy leads to a low cost, flexible and open architecture.

A complete system with nodes, node programming, and browsing utilities.

UDP-based communications reduce complexity, overhead, and network traffic.

Hence, even the smallest 8-bit controllers may be placed directly on the Internet.



RITA messages may be simple C-strings, binary streams, or even simple XML scripts to encapsulate data and context. RITA messages may be transmitted over TCP or UDP.  Plug-ins to common browsers may be used to view data graphically.



A family of single-board controllers, called RITA nodes,

with 10Base-T Ethernet drivers.

The first in the family, the Rita-51 is an 8051-based controller board.


Programming the RITA Nodes

Use Rigel Corporationís free IDE with C compiler, assembler, linker.

Or use third-party development tools.

Royalty free NetApiXX library implements networking functions

(here is an example for the Rita-51).


Controlling the Nodes

Use the RitaBrowser, or use a UDP terminal program
such as the UNIX netcat, or write your own web page (example)
to monitor and control the RITA nodes.



Internet appliances, industrial automation and control,

home monitoring and automation, classroom instruction, hobby electronics.


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