NetCat is a well-known Unix utility for TCP and UDP communications.  It has also been ported to MS Windows NT.  The source code is freely available (refer to the readme files).

Rigel Corporation has combines the source code modules of NetCat into a Visual C++ project.  The project is named wNetCat.

The source code has not been changed in any way.  Refer to the other text files for information.  This version simply eliminates the need to use makefiles in building the executable in VC++.  The project was tested with VC++ Version 6.

NetCat is a good tool to communicate with Rigel's  RITA family of boards.  The following command line parameters are sufficient in most cases.

         nc nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn ppp -u

Here, nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn is the IP address of the board and ppp is the board UDP port.  The switch "-u" selects UDP communications.  For example,

         nc 8192 -u

connects to the board at IP address  The board's UDP port is specified to be 8192 (0x2000), the default RITA port used by the boards.


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